What is TIGA account?

TIGA is a robot in Mixin Messenger. When you click the TIGA robot button to authorize, TIGA will get your Mixin Messenger profile picture, nickname, and phone number, and then generate a unique TIGA number, this is your TIGA account. In addition, the mobile phone number is not required. Even if the mobile phone number checked, TIGA will not verify it. The only function of the mobile phone number is as an alternative to notifications.

Does the TIGA account have a password?

TIGA account has no password, as long as you can log in to Mixin Messenger normally, you can enter TIGA.

If I lost my mobile phone number when I logged in to Mixin Messenger, how can I recover my TIGA account?

Mixin Messenger has an Emergency Contact feature. Emergency contacts are designed to help you log in to your account if you lost and cannot retrieve your phone number. You can enable the emergency contact function in Settings, Privacy and Security tab.

How to modify TIGA ID?

TIGA ID is your unique permanent identifier and cannot be modified.

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