How many active offers can I have at once?

Local payment methods (e.g. bank transfer, cash): there is no limit on the number of ads at the same time currently.

International payment methods (e.g. PayPal, Venmo): there is no limit on the number of ads at the same time currently.

Please pay attention to responding to advertisements in time, and carefully check the order to avoid operating errors. These limits are subject to change.

Smart sorting

Based on the advertiser's transaction data, we have divided the weights of the data dimensions. The smart ranking is based on the advertiser's total transaction value, total completed orders, and number of positive reviews, with decreasing weights for each dimension. After the smart ranking goes live, quality advertisers will have more opportunities to showcase their products.

In addition, this feature will continue to be iterated, and other dimensions will be considered for inclusion in the Smart Sort.

Ad sorting

Smart Sort is a comprehensive automatic sort, and the new "Ad Sort" is a manual filter based on different dimensions. The currently supported dimensions are.

  • Recommend sort, with the same logic as smart sort.
  • Price from low to high.
  • Price from high to low.
  • Number of orders.
  • Total transaction volume.
  • Number of positive reviews.
  • Time of publication of the advertisement.
  • Ad modification time.

You can filter your ads more precisely by currency, payment method, and location.

Ad Sharing

With TIGA's "Share Ad" feature, you can quickly share your ad with friends, groups, WeChat, etc. The shared ad will be displayed in the form of a card, and other users can quickly and directly trade through your shared card.

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