Blue Shield Trust

What is Blue Shield Trust?

Blue Shield Trust is an authentication service provided by TIGA for all users. The Blue Shield trust was introduced to improve liquidity and bring a better and more secure trading experience to TIGA users.

Why not "Blue Shield Merchant"?

TIGA is a peer-to-peer decentralized OTC matchmaking platform, where anyone can be a user and anyone can be a merchant. This is why we deliberately weakened the concept of merchants when we named them. This is where the Blue Shield trust comes in.

What are the advantages of applying for Blue Shield trust?

Advantages of applying for Blue Shield Trust.

1, the fee during the event is 0.1%, non-Blue Shield trust fixed 0.25%. 2, extra security settings.

On the user's end, trade (including buying and selling) with users who have been authenticated by Blue Shield to trade, without commissions.

The transaction target dimensions are.

  1. Complete KYC in TIGA.
  2. Sign up in TIGA for 90 days and more.
  3. 5 or more transactions in TIGA.
  4. TIGA premium users.

How do I apply for Blue Shield trust?

Just apply at "TIGA, My, Apply for Blue Shield trust" and you'll need to fill out the information honestly.

What is the Blue Shield trust audit standard?

  1. Registered to TIGA for 90 days or more (this condition may be relaxed for team accounts of Blue Shield trust).
  2. When submitting a Blue Shield trust application, there must be no record of TIGA platform users' feedback that the other party's payment account was abnormal due to their payment reasons, etc., within the last six months.
  3. Failure of the account and its manager to report any past history of being detained by the police, named for investigation and evidence gathering, or frozen by the police, as a result of investigative or restrictive measures taken by the relevant public authority.
  4. There have been no serious breaches or repeated breaches of the terms of the TIGA platform for pending transactions on the account.
  5. Assessment of the account's overall service level and risk control level through the service and risk control departments.
  6. In the audit process, certifying parties are required to complete KYC and advanced authentication according to staff guidelines.
  7. Other standards may be relaxed if the cumulative number of successful OTC pending order transactions in other OTC platforms exceeds 100 or more; (relevant information must be submitted to substantiate the application)
  8. If the above conditions are met, they will be reviewed and added in batches according to the date of registration.

How long does it take to get approved after applying for Blue Shield trust?

If too many people apply for Blue Shield trust at the same time, the audit time may exceed 72 hours, please be patient.

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