How does TIGA guarantee trading security?

TIGA guarantees trading security through Mixin Network's multi-signature. The buyer, seller, and TIGA constitute a three-party multi-signature. Take the buyer buying ETH as an example, the seller trusts the ETH to a multi-signature wallet. After the buyer completes the payment through the agreed payment method, the buyer clicks to confirm the payment. After the seller confirms the payment, clicks to release. The multi-signature wallet then releases the managed assets to the buyer.

Why do I jump to Mixin Messenger after open a trade?

After open a trade, a small group of Mixin Messenger will be created, which including TIGA, buyers and sellers, the group name is "TIGA-the last four digits of the order", for example, the order number is 202001181700258888, then the group name named TIGA-8888. Plesae trade within small group according the guide. In addition, Mixin Messenger uses end-to-end encryption, and your privacy will be fully protected.

How will I know if I have a trade?

You will be notified via Mixin Messenger for each new trade. You can also choose to receive SMS or push notifications.

Why aren’t SMS notifications working for me?

From time to time we have issues with SMS carriers. Please open a support ticket and provide your number, country, and phone service provider, and we will attempt to resolve the issue.

Why has my trade count decreased?

The statistics algorithm will automatically discount trades from users who are permanently suspended from the platform. This means that if you traded with a user who was later banned -- likely due to suspicion of fraudulent activity -- all feedback associated with the user, both given and received, will be nullified.

This measure was added to prevent malicious reputation-boosting tactics by malicious users.

Can I cancel a trade in TIGA?

Of course you can. Note that cancellations are currently operate in the Mixin Messenger group chat. There are several situations in which a trade can be cancelled:

  • The buyer open an order and is not satisfied with the current price, he can cancel the trade
  • After the seller escrowed, the buyer wants to cancel the trade, and the escrowed cryptos will be returned to the seller
  • After the seller escrowed, if the seller declare that he don't receive the fiat funds, he can cancel the trade, and the escrowed cryptos will be returned to the seller

Please note that the operation is based on the actual situation. If there are multiple malicious operations, transactions may be restricted.

Payment Methods

TIGA provides the function of payment method. The payment method can be modified except for the real name of the recipient. In addition, to meet the needs of market makers, the ability to add payment methods can be opened separately, because market makers usually have multiple payment methods.

After the user has set up the payment method, he can show the payment method to the other party in the group chat. In addition, multiple payment methods can be set for one ad, currently up to 3. In order to make it easier for you to set them quickly when you create an ad, Alipay, WeChat Pay and Bankcard are listed at the top of the list. When an ad has only one payment method, the payment method will be automatically sent to the payer; when an ad has multiple payment methods, the payee will be prompted to choose a payment method to send to the other party.

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