Is the TIGA wallet safe?

TIGA don't have wallet itself. TIGA is based on Mixin wallet which is decentralized crypto wallet. Both TIGA and Mixin Messenger don't host your fund. You have absolute control over your assets.

What is Mixin Wallet?

Mixin Messenger is an open source end-to-end encrypted chat software and integrates a multi-chain wallet based on Mixin Network. This multi-chain wallet is named Mixin Walelt.

How to do if I forget the Mixin Wallet PIN code?

It’s IMPASSIBLE to reset PIN code, you have to remember it once you set it. If you don’t remember it anymore, please try it by yourself, you have 5 times to try every day, you’d better note every possibility. To help users remember the PIN code well, our Messenger asks users to input PIN code every 24 hours when they open the wallet.

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